TAC Testimonials

"I have worked with drawings prepared by a number
of different people and none have done a better job."

Louis A. Umbach, P.E.

"I have been working with TAC Systems since 1994.
I have been completely satisfied with the quality and
comprensiveness of their work. It is on time, well thought
out, and economical for the customer."

Robert A. Kerst, P.E.

"TAC Systems consistently provides quality drafting services.
They have an excellent knowledge base of construction methods
and materials and code requirements. By being thorough
and organized they produce high quality, detailed drawings
in a timely manner. It is always a pleasure working with them."

Michael Lehman, P.E.

"TAC has done numerous design projects for my company.
More importantly, TAC has worked closely with the local
Habitat for Humanity affiliate developing "Green Building"
energy savings and maintenence free exteriors
for the HFH homes...I highly recommend TAC."

John Remington
Owner, Remington Renovations
Construction Supervisor (ret.), Holmes County Habitat for Humanity

"We are very spoiled by the drawings TAC prepares;
They are the most complete plans I have ever worked with.
Other drawings leave important information unclear."

Gregg Sandman
Hughes Construction
Newark, OH