About TAC

TAC Systems began in 1981 to prepare drawing for a construction company. We started out with a drafting board, a parallel rule and a roll of vellum. In 1992 we began using computer aided drafting. We have used several CAD programs over the years and have been using AUTOCAD since 2006.

We provide residential design and construction drawings to home owners and builders in east central Ohio. We also offer contract drafting services to professional engineers, architects and production fabricators.

We pride ourselves on producing "user friendly" drawings utilizing energy efficient design. Our staff has over 90 years of combined drafting and design experience. We design to meet the requirements of the residential code of Ohio and the NAHB Green Building guidelines. Our drawings reflect "common sense" solutions for building needs but our drawings are anything but common.

Our pricing structure is not based on a percentage of the project estimate but on the actual time spent designing the house and drawing the plans.